International Baccalaureate
Get Results with an International Education

Mercyhurst Prep is Northwestern Pennsylvania’s Only International Baccalaureate (IB) School

Our IB students surpassed the National SAT average by almost 334 points!

Our International Baccalaureate students surpass the world average IB as well!

Mercyhurst is one of 3,290 schools in 141 countries around the globe who are part of the prestigious International Baccalaureate Organization. There are 969,000 students participating in the IB Program world-wide. The IB program is based on the concept that general education at the upper secondary level should promote the development of the lifelong skills of critical thinking, communication, and integration of the information through an in depth study of the major areas of knowledge. Successful completion of the program earns for the student a diploma/certificate recognized for university admission and for course credit at many colleges and universities throughout the world. The IB’s greatest value, however, lies in its intrinsic worth as a challenge and a symbol of the greater achievement to which the student has aspired.

Quality universities are asking: “Are you an IB student or an AP student?”

  • Canned, rote memorization

  • Regurgitation of information

  • Little thought process

  • Little retention with little connection

  • Based solely on an exam

  • Teachers work independently

  • Focus on 1 or 2 academic disciplines

  • Fosters critical thinking

  • Students write and speak with proficiency.

  • Students can apply concepts and creative thinking.

  • A cerebral approach to learning

  • Based on classroom work and an exam

  • Teachers work as a team across the curriculum.

  • Focuses on all academic disciplines and promotes a well-rounded education

  • Students speak more than one language

  • IB coursework is comparable to college level learning.

  • Promotes open-mined, intercultural understanding, and respect.



What is being said about International Baccalaureate?


IB International…

“IB is the most rigorous academic curriculum offered on a high school level.”

Educational Leadership Magazine…

“The world needs young people who are culturally sophisticated and prepared to work in an international environment.” April 2007

Admissions Director…

“When I was an admissions director, my candidate evaluation process always afforded more weight to the IB program over AP courses. Of course the IB curriculum requires much more of a student over AP courses; it’s a more cerebral approach that actually insists upon classroom participation and the ability to synthesize all elements of one’s education as opposed to doing well in standardized examinations of individual subjects. Even if a student took all the AP courses s/he could, our approach would still give the nod to candidates with the full IB.”

College admission’s director

A Parent…

“The IB program was a major reason why I wanted my sons to attend Mercyhurst Prep. It’s a program that prepares students to function as adults in the international community that is our world today. They learn how to write, to present themselves in front of an audience and to speak a foreign language with confidence. In these days of schools focusing so intensively on teaching to various tests, Mercyhurst’s educational focus on teaching the whole student and encouraging critical thinking is extremely refreshing.”

Amy E Buttell (Crane), Writer & Editor, Lake Effective Creative

A Graduate…

“Taking part in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program at Mercyhurst Prep was a truly beneficial experience that greatly aided me in my studies as I entered college. As a current junior at Mercyhurst College, I feel that IB has taught me not only how to excel academically, but also how to think beyond the classroom, thereby broadening my horizon and enabling me to become a more well-rounded individual. Moreover, through the achievement of college credits, IB has given me the opportunity to take classes that I would not have otherwise been able to fit into my schedule. I would encourage any student, given the chance, to become involved in this incredible program.”

Kaleigh Hubert, Class of 2009

IB Coordinator…

“We send students into the world with knowledge, confidence, the ability to think, analyze, and most of all to succeed and to be productive citizens in a global community.”

Kathryn Donovan