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Thank you for your loyalty to Mercyhurst Prep/Mercyhurst Seminary and for caring enough to click on this Advancement link.
You are one of the top reasons that MPS is so vital and so unique today.

Mercyhurst Prep is proud of its academic excellence in the Sisters of Mercy tradition, exceptional and caring faculty, dedicated students, and incredible faith and life-guidance. We are also blessed to be part of an ever growing community of current students, alumni, families, friends and community partners who know that being part of the Mercyhurst Prep family is a bond that lasts a lifetime.

We invite you to:

  • Remember when you forged bonds with your closest friends and teachers, people who remain part of the very fabric of your life forever.
  • Remember why Mercyhurst Prep is more than just a high school, more than just an education, it’s membership into a true family that will always be there for you.
  • Pass it On! Think about what Mercyhurst Prep/Mercyhurst Seminary has meant in your life. Think about how MPS faith guidance and life learning skills have helped to shape you into the person you are today. Please consider the following opportunities to help pass it on…to deserving students whose lives can be so positively impacted by having that same opportunity for an exceptional Mercy education.

Remember when, remember why, pass it on!

Please click any of the underlined opportunities to learn more
The Mercyhurst Prep Fund
Annual Fund Appeal
Thank you!
This is one of the best ways you can help. The MP fund includes scholarships and financial aid to make an outstanding Mercy education available to an increasing number of deserving students. These donations can be made in honor or in memory of someone special.
Scholarships Donating to “Dollars for Scholars” helps you to play a direct role in passing the MPS opportunity to deserving students in the form of scholarships and financial aid.
Named Scholarships You can add to an established scholarship or create one in honor of, or in memory of a particular individual, graduating class, or cause. A fund of $10,000 or more can become endowed. This allows the scholarship to live on virtually forever, with the scholarship award generated from the interest earned.
MPS Piano Fund

This fund to purchase a new piano for the MPS Music Department is established in memory of Jesse Edwards-Borowicz ’16.

MPS Program Donations

This is for donations that you would like to make for a specific purpose which may not be stated in any of the other categories on this page.

Advocate This is an opportunity for you to give back by sponsoring a deserving student for one year or for all of their 4 years at MPS. A minimum of $1,000 per year commitment is required for this program.
Planned Gifts These creative gift giving opportunities help to secure the school's future. Many do not include an outright gift today, but instead, a promise of a gift in the future.
Naming Opportunities These opportunities to leave a legacy for generations to come include MPS Donor Tree in the school lobby, MPS Courtyard and the Memory Square Tile Project on the wall outside of the gym.

EITC Tax Credits

OSTC Tax Credits:

These are “win-win” opportunities for PA businesses and MPS! Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit program  (EITC) and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit program (OSTC) allow you to redirect your PA state business tax dollars from Harrisburg to MPS to designate for MPS scholarships. With recent changes in legislation, most businesses qualify.

Fundraising Events Join alumni and other friends for fun and exciting events that strengthen the MPS community and increase scholarship funds for deserving students.
Volunteerism Please consider spending some of your spare time helping with MPS projects, including fundraisers and mailings. We love and appreciate our volunteers. Many tell us they get more than they give!
MPS Identity Standards Please check here if you are planning to use the MPS logo on any publication or document. This helps to keep a uniform look wherever MPS is represented.

Please click here to see the latest Mercyhurst Prep Annual Report

If you have any questions about scholarships and opportunities to help pass along the MPS legacy please contact:
Lisa Nietupski (814)824-2408,

What does a Mercyhurst Prep education mean for current students, alumni and their families?

"I think the philosophy of the Sisters of Mercy came through to me that teachers always wanted to help you to succeed, even when they corrected you. There was such a positive attitude among the faculty. They went above and beyond to find unique ways to teach so that we could become better learners and better people."
Linda Manucci Wagner MPS ’77

"Mercyhurst Prep taught me how to be a student and a globally aware individual. The International Baccalaureate program helped prepare me for college in ways my peers at Cornell were not exposed to. “Mercyhurst is a welcoming and accepting environment where students are taught how to live out Christian values in a global world and I don't know of another program like it."
Gabriella Bensur MPS ‘08

"I attended Mercyhurst Seminary during the depression. The grade school and the high school were on the first floor and the second floor was the college. We were one big happy family. I still attend alumni events and support Mercyhurst Prep."
Margaret McMahon ‘33

"At graduation they played “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, and I knew that it was true!"
Susie DiPlacido Shickler MPS ‘74

What does MPS mean for you and your family? We’d love to hear from you. Please send your thoughts to:
Lisa Nietupski at
Thank You!!